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Piña Colada Smoothie !

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A simply delicious smoothie made with just 3 super ingredients: pineapple, banana and coconut milk!

Who would have thought these 3 ingredients could make such a delicious smoothie?! Not only delicious, but healthy as well! This makes the perfect refreshing drink that will bring you a flavour of the tropic places.


- 300g pineapple chunks

- 1 banana

- 250 ml coconut milk

- coconut flakes (optional)

- ice cubes (optional)


- Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

- Enjoy!


- You can use frozen pineapple and banana as well.

- You can simply turn this #smoothie into a #nutritious breakfast by adding some oats and some yogurt


The pineapple is known for it’s #nutrients, #vitamins and #minerals supply, along with a lot of benefits, such as:

-boosts the immune system

-protects the digestive system

-reduces inflammation in the body

-beneficial in preventing cancer

-improves oral and eye health

-help wounds to heal and protects against infections.

"You are the Piña to my Colada!"
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