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Frozen Berry Smoothie!

It's the perfect time to wake up your body with a delicious fruity smoothie like this one! Full of nutrients, refreshing and easy to do, this will give you a boost of energy for the day. Bonus, this is #diaryfree , #vegan, low on carbs and ready in 5 minutes!

Either is a quick #breakfast or a #treat, you can enjoy this smooth and creamy smoothie with some chia seeds, for more fiber intake, or you can try coconut milk instead of almond milk.


- 1 cup frozen berries

- 1 cup pinapple

- 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

- ice (optional)

-chia seeds (optional)

How to make it

- This smoothie is so easy to make, you just throw everything into the blender and pulse a few times, until smooth. You can add more ice for more thickness.

" A healthy outside, starts from the inside. "
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